About Us


There is a growing need for specialized, intensive transitionally focused training for the numbers of young adults graduating from our traditional school systems that are diagnosed with autism spectrum, developmental and intellectual disabilities and are moderately to significantly impaired.

Austin’s Place was started by parents of these special persons so that, simply put, their child would have a safe place to go to each day to continue to refine the life skills necessary to become contributing members in their local communities after graduation. It is the more intense behavioral and sensory needs of these specific types of learners that often limit these young adults from effectively participating into traditional adult vocational support programs. Austin’s Place is designed to provide specialized and intensive programming for these young adults to address specific behavioral or sensory limitations, while still focusing on developing vocational skills and increasing community integration.

We have learned through educating these exceptional learners that is takes cooperation and collaboration. Therefore, families, instructors and therapists will work together to develop and implement quality and comprehensive programming to meet the global needs of these young adults.

Austin’s Place is designed to serve these special persons and meet their individual needs in an innovative, strength-based and positive fashion. Young adults attending programming at Austin’s Place will participate in daily routines and training opportunities to develop optimal levels of independence, while still accounting for their own capacities and limitations. Programming also incorporates the interests and strengths of consumers so that there is true motivation on the part of consumers to learn and progress. Instructional priorities are placed on developing independence in self care, community engagement as well as developing usable vocational skills in future settings.

Persons interested in exploring the options available for consumers at Austin’s Place should contact 724-352-ASTN (2786).



Austin’s Place is aptly named after Austin Wilczynski, Bonnie and Victor’s son, for whom this new program is inspired by. Austin, diagnosed with multiple disabilities is a recent graduate of the Watson Institute.